Staircase Family Tree Wall Decal - Tree Wall Decal


Feeling stumped about how to decorate that blank staircase wall? We have it covered with our Staircase Family Tree Wall Decal. This silhouette of a tree in bloom—with its many branches and birds, perched or soaring—provides roots and wings for your photo gallery wall inspiration. Add your framed family photos and enjoy watching your tree blossom with memories!

*Original Design*

Standard Size:
(approx): 109.5"w x 105"h
The first branch starts 47" from the bottom of the trunk.

Small Size:
(approx): 92"w x 88"h
The first branch starts 40" from the bottom of the trunk.

All of our decals can be custom sized larger or smaller. Contact us for pricing!

What's Included:
6 Birds

Choosing Colors:
Select a pre-made color scheme: Chestnut Brown, Black, or White; for any other color, choose "OTHER" and we will contact you for your color choices once you complete your purchase.

Additional Information:
Photos, frames, and memories not included!

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All of our items are made in the USA in New Jersey. All designs are original and unique!

All artwork is original.
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