Computer Screen Color Disclaimer

The product color you view online may vary slightly from the actual printed color. While our design team monitors are calibrated to our production printers, your monitors are most likely not calibrated. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that the color displayed on your monitor will be exactly the same as the actual product color. If the exact color is crucial to you, please contact us to order a wallpaper sample set or wall decal color chart first.


Paint Incompatibility and Wall Texture Incompatibility Disclaimer

We’ve noticed that our products stick to any smooth surface as long as it’s not painted with a specialty “non-staining”, “stain resistant”, or “stain blocking” paint. If your paint’s selling point is its stain resistance that means that stains, stickers, decals and almost anything else will not stick to it. We do have rare cases where our decals do not stick well to some walls. In those cases, we’ve found that it’s a mixture of the wall texture along with the specific paint finish/model/color. While we have ways around this to make our decals work, we recommend contacting us to ask for a free test decal. Please note that we are unable to issue refunds as a result of incompatible paint.

The same disclaimer applies to heavily textured walls. Though we share photos of good and bad texture in our FAQ, we recommend contacting us to order a wallpaper sample set to test on your textured wall.


Color Match Disclaimer

For multiple orders placed at different times, we cannot guarantee an exact color match. An example of this would be an order placed on July 1st for 4 sheets. If another order is placed 4 months later, it would be from a different dye lot and material batch, therefore we cannot guarantee an exact color match.