Dinosaur Wall Decal

Dinosaur Wall Decal

Kids love our Dinosaur Wall Decals! This is the perfect kids room wall decal and will transform it into a Dino Paradise! All of the dinosaurs and plants/volcanoes/clouds are separate decals so you can arrange them any way you wish.

Brachiosaurus(approx): 32"w x 54"h
Tyrannosaurs(approx): 42"w x 30"h
Stegosaurus(approx): 32"w x 19"h
Triceratops(approx): 29"w x 20"h
Pteranodon(approx): 24"w x 15"h

What's Included:

Choosing Colors:
Select a premade color scheme A, B, or C; or for any other color just choose "OTHER" and we will contact you for your color choices once you complete your order purchase.

Additional Information:
Egg shell, horns, teeth, eyes and toenails are always white.

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All artwork is original.
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