Panda and Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Decal

Panda and Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Decal

Your little one will be surrounded by pandas! Completely redecorate your nursery or kids room with our Cherry Blossom Tree with Panda decal set!

Overall Size (approx): 94"w x 88"h
(Actual Width will vary based on how you choose to place the blossoms.)

Tree Size (approx): 75"w x 82"h 
Panda Size (approx): 11"w x 15"h

What's Included:
Cherry Blossoms
10 Butterflies
3 Pandas

Choosing Colors:
Select a premade color scheme A, B, or C; or for any other color just choose "OTHER" and we will contact you for your color choices once you complete your order purchase.

Additional Information:  
Panda is always Black and White. If you want different color pandas, please contact us. 

Pandas are all separate decals so you can arrange them anyway you like!

Questions?  Call 201-945-2343 (M-F 9am-5pm) or email

All of our items are made in the USA in New Jersey.  All designs are original and unique!

All artwork is original.
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