Peony Flower Wall Stickers

Peony Flower Wall Stickers

Springtime is peak season for peonies, but keep them blooming all year-long with our Peony Flowers Wall Sticker. The contemporary design and color palette of this wall sticker complements modern spaces and updates more traditional decor. This Wall Sticker makes a bold and elegant statement alone, but can also refresh an accent wall or add a bright wash of color to an existing collection of art and photographs.

6 Separate peonies ranging in size from 14"w x 14"h to 26"w x 30"h
22 Separate leaves ranging in size from 2"w x 5"h to 12"w x 15"h

What's Included:
6 Flowers
7 Large Leaves
15 Small Leaves

The peonies are available in four color options: Vintage  Pink, Vivid Pink, Vintage Lilac, or White.

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All of our items are made in the USA in New Jersey.  All designs are original and unique!

All artwork is original.
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