Reclaimed Painted Beach Wood Mural Wall Art Wallpaper - Peel and Stick

SKU: W8011-96

Our Reclaimed Painted Beach Wood Mural Wall Art Wallpaper has a sand-and-surf appeal, from its weathered driftwood look to its sea glass hues of blue and green. The peel-and-stick application makes it easy to quickly transform any room into a serene retreat.

This re-positionable wallpaper is designed and made in our studios in New Jersey. The designs are printed onto an adhesive-backed fabric that can be removed, repositioned, and reused. The wallpaper does not leave residue on your walls and is ideal for DIY room makeovers without the mess and headaches of traditional wallpaper.

24"w x 96"h

24"w x 108"h

What's Included:
5 sheets of peel-n-stick fabric wallpaper

Overall Sizes:
10'w x 8'h (120"w x 96"h)

10'w x 9'h (120"w x 108"h)

Pattern Repeat:
every 120"w

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All artwork is original.
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