Birch Tree Wall Decals Sticker Set

Birch Tree Wall Decals Sticker Set

Customized birch tree decals for your living room, bedroom, or baby nursery! The birds and leaves can go anywhere on the tree. Arrange them any way you like. Choose a Color Scheme A, B, C or choose custom colors!  

** The standard tree decal height is 96" and is made to be trimmed on either the top or bottom to fit your wall perfectly.

Standard Size:
Tree Size (approx): (starting left)
Tree 1: 26"w x 96"h
Tree 2: 25"w x 96"h
Tree 3: 41"w x 96"h
Tree 4: 33"w x 96"h
Tree 5: 38"w x 96"h
Tree 6: 13"w x 96"h

Large Size:
Tree Size (approx): (starting left)
Tree 1: 26"w x 108"h
Tree 2: 25"w x 108"h
Tree 3: 41"w x 108"h
Tree 4: 33"w x 108"h
Tree 5: 38"w x 108"h
Tree 6: 13"w x 108"h

What's Included:
6 Tree Decals
6 Birds

Application Tool
Detailed Step by Step Instructions

Choosing Colors:
Select a premade color scheme A, B, or C; or for any other color just choose "OTHER" and we will contact you for your color choices once you complete your order purchase.

Additional Information:
Trees, leaves and birds are all separate decals so you can arrange them anyway you like! 

Questions?  Call 201-945-2343 (M-F 9am-5pm) or email

All of our items are made in the USA in New Jersey.  All designs are original and unique!

All artwork is original.
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